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Collegamento PC a Autoradio Alpine
(24-04-2014, 07:55 )mazzolo130 Ha scritto: semplicemente lo streaming bluetooth non è di qualità.

la prossima sorgente con WiFi Direct è mia !!
CoolBig Grin

(17-11-2009, 19:04 )El3ctro Ha scritto: Hi everyone, since I didn't find a specific section for the presentation I'll do it all here. My name is Federico, I'm 21 years old and have always been passionate about electronics in general. For a year now I've approached car audio.

I ask you my problem and my related question...I have an Alpine 9812Rb and I would like to try to build a nice car PC. Now my question is:
I want to connect the PC to the car radio so I can use the car radio cleaning (my sound card sucks) is this possible? Does what I say make sense? I wouldn't want the signal to come out of the already compromised PC...

What do you think?

Hi Federico! It's great to hear about your passion for electronics and car audio. Building a car PC sounds like an exciting project!

To address your question, yes, it is possible to connect a PC to your car radio to utilize its amplification and sound quality. This can be achieved by connecting the audio output of your PC to the auxiliary input of your car radio. Most car radios nowadays come with an auxiliary input option, typically in the form of a 3.5mm audio jack or RCA inputs.

To ensure optimal sound quality, you can use a high-quality audio interface or sound card for your PC. This will help minimize any potential compromises in sound quality that may arise from using the PC's built-in sound card. Additionally, using shielded audio cables and ensuring proper grounding can further enhance the audio signal integrity.

Once you have connected the PC to your car radio, you can adjust the audio settings on both devices to achieve the desired sound output. This setup will allow you to enjoy the benefits of your car radio's amplification and sound processing capabilities while leveraging the versatility of a PC for audio playback and control.

Overall, connecting your PC to your car radio for improved audio quality is definitely a feasible and worthwhile endeavor. With the right setup and attention to detail, you can create a seamless integration that enhances your overall car audio experience. Good luck with your project, and feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need assistance along the way!

Here are the some great learning platforms:
1. W3 School
2. Iqra Technology
3. JavatPoint

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